Wapsie Valley Organic (85 Day) untreated


• Certified Organic, Plateless

We begin shipping seed in mid-March for the 2024 planting season. Once your order is paid in full, your seed is reserved for you. If you have an earlier need, please contact us.

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• Certified Organic, Plateless
• 9-1/2’ tall, strong, widely adapted plants with 12-18 straight kernel rows
• 7-1/2 to 8” well formed ears, mostly rich yellow, waxy color with some maroon ears and a few brown colored ears
• Outstanding plant health, good stand- ability, medium ear placement
• Superior silage choice, average C.P. (Crude Protein) of 11%. Finishes for grain where others won’t.
• Has done well in dry years, heavy test weight

This tremendous variety has put O.P. corn back on the map and has been traced back to Adoulf Steinbronn from Fairbank, Iowa. Steinbronn stood alone when his peers were all going to hybrids. Victor Kucyk, who has given much of his life to the improvement of O.P.’s, then continued the work. Many around the globe are benefitting from this variety.

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